Welcome to Kindergarten!  A year full of learning through fun and friendship. 

This is my 16 year of teaching  at Benson Hill and I have taught 27 years.  I've taught kindergarten, special education, and 1st grade.  Kindergarten is an amazing year of growth socially and academically.  Everyday is a joy as I am surrounded by enthusiastic learners.  Young children have a natural curiosity and I try to build upon that.

We balance our day with a variety of teacher directed and child directed activities.  Our classroom has a variety of interest areas.  These are math, reading and writing centers; teacher area; blocks; home-living; puzzles and science.Children have time daily for self selected activities where they can socialize and practice skills introduced by the teacher.  Kid choice time is a period filled with real life problem solving as children work together to share materials and ideas, and to take turns.

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