Kindergarten | trường mẫu giáo | jardín de infancia

          K  i  n  d  e  r  g  a  r  t  e  n          

In my opinion, Kindergarten has the most fun with music. We focus on the basics of beat and intonation. The little ones need daily practice working with their voices. Their little brains benefit greatly from singing every day with adults and with each other. Movement is also an integral part of their development. Our games and dances help them learn bodily awareness, spacial awareness and dexterity. We learn basic percussion instruments and take turns one at a time with each other in order to learn how to care for the instruments. Typically, I use english language music to help them build their literacy skills. However, with a population diverse as Bryn Mawr I have been introducing songs, games and dances in Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, French and Mandarin. All of our games help build social skills, team-work, respect for all life, and a love of singing. 

C u r r i c u l u m   G o a l s

P e r f o r m a n c e 

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