My name is Dan Oie and I have had the privilege of being the music teacher at Cascade Elementary for over 20 years. My principal instrument is percussion and I have much experience as a music performer

At Cascade, your child has music twice a week: Monday through Thursday each session is 45 minutes long, on Fridays the sessions are 35 minutes long.


In grades 4 and 5, a typical 45 minute class for music includes moving (dance or moving to show understanding of a music concept), listening to a piece of music, playing instruments  (recorder, barred instruments, non pitched percussion instruments), and singing.

In grades K-3 a typical music class includes moving, singing, playing instruments, and listening to music. The pulse is important to reinforce, as is working on vocal technique, training the singing voice. The focus of instrument playing is showing the correct technique. 

My music classroom has a few simple rules:

          1. Be an active participant.

          2. Be kind and considerate.

          3. Play instruments when asked.

          4. Raise your hand to speak.

          5. No food or gum.


Students receive a + / = / - grade for effort/attitude with = meeting expectations

Students receive a 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 grade for skills with 3 meeting expectations