DJ Dave with black shirt and tie photo - my camera.JPGMusic in the Brain.jpgI am Mr. Schott. Let me introduce myself! My music classes are at Renton Park (in the morning) and Cascade (in the late morning and afternoon) in the 2017-18 school year.  Welcome! I lived and continue to live a musical life and share that with my students. Little by little, students are challenged to manage and thrive in a music environment that comes from a lifetime of experience in wake up and build the part of the brain that handles musical skill. I am a product of Renton Schools (Kennydale, McKnight and Hazen Band) and went on to be a Music Major at the University of Washington where the highlight was being a member of Husky Marching Band with legendary director, Bill Bissell.. After college graduation, I purposely came back to Renton to try to teach Music in walk in the footsteps of the Band Directors I loved, Mr Young, Mr Timpe, Mr. Goodale and Mr. Gleason AND my piano teacher Bill Todd. The music environment I create is in honor of their teaching and modeled from the best of each. There are many ways to make music and live a musical life but mine is fully focused on what I think students need to be successful in middle school music ensembles. Not just the learning of singing or playing instruments, learning must include being a successful member of a group. To know how to and when to give up what you want (selfish) and do what is needed for the good of the group (selfless) is very hard for elementary students. To know how and when to lead (solo) and when to blend into the group (ensemble) is very important to successful learning in a secondary music ensemble. These are things that do not appear in the Washing State Music EALRs (available to the public on the website of WA State OSPI and linked elsewhere on my website) but are essential to my soul for passing on students to walk in my footsteps! My job is fully involved in 100% support of Mr. Oie at Cascade. His plans for school year performance become mine and the grade levels I am assigned integrate into their performances and concert plans. More information about dates and times will be posted elsewhere on this site.

Students benefit from my example and commitment to be a lifelong practicing musician in my personal life, giving my time and talent to the community. Since graduation from the UW, I have been a member of the Renton City Band and current percussion section leader. I maintained my close relationship with the Husky Band by becoming a lifetime playing member of the Husky Alumni Band that raises funds for scholarships for Varsity Band members. I am a member of the Wagon Wheels Square Dance Club. I was a Barbershop Chorus singer for many years but quit that group to create an opportunity to be a musician with my wife. She and I play in a church hand bell choir. In 1986, I created a mobile DJ service for weddings and other events and continue to maintain that business. My talents as a mobile DJ have been seen at local school events.

The selflessness I teach to students is practiced myself in my membership to the Kennydale Lions Club, a part of Lions International whose motto is "We Serve."