Book Report Prewrite Guidelines

Book Report #2 Pre-write Form




Title of book: ____________________Author:_______________________


You will read a fiction chapter book of your choice that is at your reading level. Your book report must be at least 5 paragraphs in length, with each paragraph containing a minimum of 4 sentences. You must use complete sentences. The final draft will be edited for mistakes. Use this form as a guide to plan your report.


Staple this sheet to the front of your final draft .


Do not number paragraphs and remember to indent


1St Paragraph -Your paragraph should include the following:

Introduction: Include title of book, type of book (ex. Historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, etc…), name of author and why you chose it.


2nd Paragraph -Your paragraph should include the following:

Setting: Where does the story take place? How is it described? What does it look like? Be very detailed. What is the time frame (when does it take place-past present or future) of the book? How do you know the time frame (what clues does the book give…are there modern things like cars or is it in this in the past..does it say the year it takes place)?


3rd Paragraph -Your paragraph should include the following:

Characters: Who are the main characters? What do they look like? (include a description)  How old are they? Who is the protagonist (main character of the story…the good guy)? Who is the antagonist (who is causing problems for the main character)? Do not list-describe the characters with as many details as possible from the book.


 4th Paragraph -Your paragraph should include the following:

Write a summary of the story discussing the beginning, middle and end. What is the main conflict or problem in the story? Describe the problem and the steps the characters go through to try and solve it. What happened at the end? What was the Theme of your story?


5th Paragraph -Your paragraph should include the following:

Conclusion: Was this in your opinion a good book? Why or Why not? Would you recommend this book to other students? Why? Summarize why you liked or disliked this book using details from your story.