Classroom Policies


Management Procedures



Classroom expectations:


  1. Respect yourself and others.

  2. Follow directions.

  3. Be prepared.

  4. Work quietly.

  5. Try your best.

  6. Be safe.





1. Verbal praise.


2. Independent Worker Badges and extra privileges (lining up first, etc…)


3. Cougar Paws which can be redeemed at the Cougar Paw Cart monthly





Students who do not follow the classroom expectations or state put-downs, create disruptions and/or display other inappropriate behavior will receive:


A verbal redirection for the first instance and they will move their card to yellow.


The next instance they will move it to orange resulting in the loss of their afternoon recess.


On the next instance they will move their card to red and receive a warning slip.




When a student is absent, they will find missed assignments on their desk upon their return.  Absent work is due two days after the student’s return if they were absent for one day.  If a student is absent for more than one day, the time will be increased.  Please call the Cascade Elementary attendance phone line (425-204-3361) when your child is absent, and then send a note upon your child’s return to school.




Late Work Policy


Students should always be encouraged to complete assignments by the date due.  If a child is unable to complete a given assignment on time, s/he will spend afternoon recess in Study Hall on the date the assignment is due.  Even if an assignment is late, it is still important to turn the work in for credit. Therefore, students will be encouraged to complete all assignments prior to the end of the grading period regardless of their completion date. 


Take-Home Folders


Communication between home and school is vital to your child’s success in the classroom.  To keep you informed, a folder will be sent home every Thursday with important school information and graded work.  Please take time to review and discuss these papers with your child and have your child return the empty folder to school on Friday.



Progress Reports

Academic progress reports will be sent home monthly so that you and your child have an opportunity to discuss and evaluate their progress midway through the grading period.  The progress report should be signed and returned to school the following day.




Water Bottles

Students may bring a clear plastic water bottle to leave on their desks at school.  The bottle must contain water (not soda, juice or energy drinks). Please encourage your child to bring the water bottle home weekly to be cleaned.