Literacy:  Nightly reading homework is now coming home each week.  These stories are meant to build confidence and strengthen the skills we are practicing in walk to read classes.  After homework has been marked by the teacher, you will want to use a small bin or basket to keep all past reading homework so that your child will have good fit texts to read.  Weekly reading logs will still come home and if you misplace it, you can find a copy of it in the document tab of the class website.  We are working on building our skills reading non-fiction texts and also making personal connections with stories.

Math:  We have just assessed  Unit 1 number comparing, counting in order and recording with accuracy.  In Unit 3 we will continue using strategies for solving  addition and subtraction problems  to 20 and ways to show our thinking (manipulatives, pictures, numbers, words).  Developing strategies to accurately count and record amounts up to 120 will be practiced with counting collections.  Fact fluency practice will continue  and practice pages will come home with your child.  We will be timing (2 minutes) the monthly addition assessment but not the weekly practice pages.  The goal is accuracy then we can build speed/fluency.

 Daily Red Folders:  Your child should be giving you his/her red folder EVERY day for you to look through, take papers out, put notes  or homework in and then your first grader should put the folder back in his/her backpack to turn in to me the following school day.  If the red folder stays full of papers (the reading log  and reading homework may stay in the folder as I only take it out once a week) then I assume that your child is not giving you the daily papers.  All papers with a star or notes have been seen by me, those you may take out of the folder.

Snack:  We have a short snack each afternoon.  Whether your child buys school lunch or brings his or her lunch, please encourage your first grader to pack a snack (NO drinks please).  I have limited options for those who forget snack.  We are running low on our “back up” snack, if you are able to send in a box of graham crackers or two that would be GREAT!  :)

Extra clothes:  An extra set of pants, underwear, socks in a Ziploc bag that stays in your childs backpack is a an excellent idea.  Accidents, slips in the mud, wet slides all happen!


Important Information about Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is extremely important to your child’s success in school.  We encourage you to help your child develop these good habits.  However, when absences or late arrivals are necessary you need to call the attendance line at 425.204.4560 or email to verify the absence before 9:00 AM or you will receive a call from School Messenger requesting that you verify the absence.  The Renton School District policy allows up to 48 hours after a student has returned from an absence to excuse the absence.  An absence cannot be excused after this 48 hour period and will remain on your child’s record as an unexcused absence. 

Excused absences include: illness or health condition, medical appointment, legal appointment, family emergency, religious observation, school-approved activity, or disciplinary action.  To request approval of a leave of absence for any other reason you must complete the Leave of Absence Request form available in our office at least 48 hours prior to the date of the absence.  The principal must approve the leave in order for it to be an excused absence.  The impact of the leave on the child’s education will be the main consideration for these requests. 

Remember to check the link tab on our website for activities on the internet!