Camp Seymour

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MAY 17TH, 18TH & 19TH 2017

Camp Seymour is a super fun science camp that all Cascade 5th graders attend in the spring. The camp in owned and run by YMCA. Every year we have a blast learning about our environment, local marine life, and sustainability. We also spend a lot of time team building through cooperative games and free time. Students spend time rock wall climbing, canoeing, & learning archery.

Camp Seymour

9725 Cramer Rd Kp N, Gig Harbor, WA 98329


Upcoming Dates for Camp Seymour

April 17th - ALL camp payments due for students and chaperones

April 17th - ALL health forms and medication forms due

UPDATED April 27th 5:15 pm - Chaperone meeting

April 27th 6:00 pm - ALL parent meeting

May 16th 4:00-6:00 pm - Supply drop off for camp

May 17th 7:30 – 8:30 am - Supply drop off

May 17th-19th - Camp Seymour!

May 19th - Pick up students from Cascade @ 1:00pm



Will there be adults going on this trip?

Absolutely! The entire 5th grade teaching team and at least one of our administrators attends all 3 days of camp. We also have parent volunteers that stay in the cabins with the students. Each parent volunteer passes a WA state background check. Our nurse also attends. YMCA’s staff runs all of the classes and is on campus the entire time.

Do boys and girls have separate cabins?

Yes! The boys and girls stay in separate cabins. Their chaperones are male for the boys & women for the girls.

What if I can’t pay?

We will start fundraising in February. Our fundraising is very successful every year and many students are able to cover their entire cost. You can also pay in installments.  

My child has an allergy/food allergy. Will they be okay?

Your student is in great hands! A nurse will attend camp with us and administer any medications. The YMCA kitchen is also able to accommodate any food allergies.

What do they bring?

Students will receive supply lists in early spring. But it is basic supplies like a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.




CAMP SEYMOUR pictured above



Payments for camp are due the end of April. Camp is $140 this year. If you would like to pay in installments, you may send in cash/check as you're able to. Checks can be made out to Cascade Elementary.

If you would like an update of how much your student owes, please send me an email using the email link.


Students who signed up for fundraising will be selling Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough beginning February 10th through the 28th.  Their profits will go towards their camp tuition.  

On February 17th we will be hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser.  We are asking that 5th grade families donate and volunteer.  Donations of Krusteaz pancake mix, syrup, plastic forks, knives and cups can be donated any time.  Donations of bananas and oranges will be taken on the 15th and 16th.  If you would like to volunteer please email me at  Volunteers will be asked to arrive at 7:45 to help set up, cut fruit and make pancakes.   Hope to see you all there! 





Permission slips went home in October, those MUST be signed and turned in in order for your student to go to camp.  

Behavior contracts went home in January, those MUST be signed by both you and your child and turned in in order for your student to go to camp.

Health Forms went home in February, those MUST be filled out completely and turned in for students to attend.


Chaperones, packets were sent home in early January. If you would like to attend camp, you will need to fill out the WA State Background check. If you have turned it in, it is currently being processed. I will let you know ASAP who will be attending. Remember, each chaperone is responsible for paying $75 of the $140 fee for themselves. If your child raises more than $140 for themselves, you can add that to your total amount.


SUPPLY DROP OFF: You will be able to drop off your student's camp gear at two separate times. 1. May 16th (the night before camp) in the gym from 4:00 -7:00 for parents to drop off gear. The gear will stay in the gym over night and we will load it into buses in the morning.  2. Parents may bring all gear the morning of camp (May 17th) between 7:30am and 8:30am. GEAR CANNOT GO ON NORMAL BUSES WITH STUDENTS. Bus drivers for your student's normal route will not let them get on with their gear. You will need to drop it off during one of the above mentioned times.

STUDENT PICK UP: A parent of adult need to pick up your child around noon on May 19th. Even though the school day will continue, camp students MUST be picked up. They will go straight home and not attend the rest of the school day. It is imperative that your child is picked up. All 5th grade teachers and camp staff will leave around noon as well.


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If you have ANY questions concerning camp, please email me!