Writing about FICTION thought prompts and sentence frames... 

Analyzing Parts of a Story in Relation to the Whole

On page ___ / In chapter ___, the _______ (story element) is being ______________. This part is important to the whole story because _____________________.  To add on, it supports the theme of the story because __________________________________.

Analyzing Author’s Craft

The author used _______ (technique) to achieve the goal of _____________ (use literary language).  If the author did not ___________ the story may have been different because ___________.

Determining Theme

The theme of the text ___________ is ____________.  I know this because _____________________________ (evidence 1).  This support the theme because _________________.  To add on, ____________________ (evidence 2).  This is important because ________________________. Another theme the author highlighted in the text is _________.  I know this because ______________.   

Comparing and Contrasting Story Elements in multiple texts

In the texts ________ and ________ the common theme is ___________.  In ______(text 1) the author developed the theme by ________________.  In ______ (text 2) the author developed the theme by ________________.  



Writing about NONFICTION thought prompts and sentence frames...


Main Ideas & Supporting Details/Summary


  1. In the text ___________ the author ________ teaches that……(main idea)
  2. The author gives evidence of … (supporting detail). 
  3. To add on …..(supporting detail)
  4. Another idea the author teaches… (main idea).
  5. The author gives evidence of this…  (supporting detail).   


Comparing and Contrasting multiple texts


  • The two sources are similar in the way they each…Both sources also…
  • However, the sources differ in that….
  • The text says…but this text does not say….
  • While the first author…the second author…