Welcome to Ms. Mann's 2015 -2016 5th Grade class!


Each month I will update what we are doing in class in each subject area. Check it out!

As of mid-February, we've read over 500 chapter books! I can't wait until we make it to 1,000! When we reached 500, we had a full 30 minute extra recess. We had a ton of fun celebrating all of our new learning.

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January/Feb. 2016


ART: We recently spent an afternoon trying our hand at Dot Painting. We were inspired by the Dot Painting practiced by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.




MATH: Right now, we are in the middle of our adding/subtracting decimals unit. Students are working on the following skills: reading decimals out loud to the thousandths place, ordering decimals, estimating, comparing decimals, adding decimals, and subtracting decimals. We've been focusing on making reasonable estimations when it comes to money. Students have been practicing "shopping" in class. Next time you head to the grocery store, see if they can help you estimate your total. Eventually, we will move onto multiplying and dividing fractions & decimals.



READING: Right now in reading we are super awesome FBI agents! We are researching strange and odd topics. Our topics are: Sasquatch, Aliens, The Bermuda Triangle, Ghosts, and Mermaids. Students chose FBI agent names and meet in their super secret groups to discuss their research. All students will present their findings with a poster and prepared speech on Friday the 12th. Students are also using Webb's Depth of Knowledge Questions to deepen their understanding.



WRITING: Students are working on their informative essays. Students covered topics from American slavery to the explosion of Mt. St. Helens. Most students are in the final draft stage. Each student had to find 8 sources to build enough information to write a well rounded essay. Our work will wrap up March 2nd. After that, we will begin writing our opinion essays Students will choose topics the 2nd week of March. Start brainstorming ideas! And remember: Always write about what you're interested in! 

SCIENCE: We will begin our ecosystems science kit in late March or early April. I don't want to give away too many details, but it involves many live critters. We are currently spending our weekly science time understanding the systems and subsystems of every day objects and working systems ( i.e. a lamp or even the cafeteria system) Students are becoming more familiar with terminology such as: subsystem, function, input, output, and energy source. Try quizzing them at home! Choose any simple household item and have them tell you how the system works and what kind of energy it uses (if it does.)

SOCIAL STUDIES: We've started to focus our attention on the true beginnings of America. We are about to begin studying the Plymouth colony and will begin to discover colonial life. The last trimester in 5th grade is very social studies heavy. We will spend a lot of time learning about the Patriots and the Loyalists. Students will choose a side and write an essay explain their choice. This is a really fun paper to write. Outside research at home is expected.

OTHER: Each morning, we spend 30 minutes developing our "word work" knowledge. Students work on vocabulary and spelling specifically targeted at their skill level. Each Friday morning, we test. We also use the computer twice a week. This year, we are focused on 2 programs in particular. 1: QWERTYtown. Students are practicing their typing skills and getting faster and more accurate each time. 2. Dreambox. This is a wonderful math program that works at the student's individual level and pushes them to move along and reach grade level standards. BOTH of these programs can be accessed from home and students are encouraged often.

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