Guidelines for success


Welcome to Cascade Elementary PE!  My name is Mark Thorpe…the kids call me Mr. T.  On behalf of our itinerant PE Teacher Todd Caldwell (Mr. C), I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our K-5 success-oriented PE program!

Our program focuses on fitness….hopefully setting our students onto a path of lifelong activity!  Students have PE twice a week (Mon-Thurs 45 minutes or Friday  35 minutes).  It is our goal that students leave each day sweating and smiling!

 We start each day with a student-led stretching warm-up, followed by a short jog and walking cool-down.  Many days we follow with a fitness activity and/or discussion learning important terms.  Then finally our activity of the day:


Our units:


1. Intro to PE / Games / 3rd-5th fitness testing  / Playground Games

2. Harvest Games

3. Soccer

4. Winter Games

5. Basketball

6. Volleyball

7. Circus Skills / Jump rope

8. Floor Hockey

9. Wii Dance

10. Bowling

11. Games / 3rd-5th Fitness Testing

12. Outside Games / Jogging / Skills / Free Play / FIELD DAY


Please send your students to class with comfortable clothing and proper supportive shoes on their 2 days!


*3rd –5th fitness testing: students are pre-tested each fall on the MILE RUN, PACER, SHUTTLE RUN, SIT and REACH, SIT-UPS, and PUSH-UPS.  They will be tested again in the spring hoping for improvement and/or scoring in the healthy fitness zone on each test.


**5th graders take a written classroom-based-assessment in the spring on our PE vocabulary discussed throughout the year…namely on the 5 health-related fitness components.  (Study questions and answer key are on this site.)



Each student/ class can earn 5 points per day.  Do they:


  1.  Walk in quietly and sit on their spots
  2. Listen/ Follow Directions
  3. Use Hands/Feet/Equipment safely / Sportsmanship
  4. Put equipment away properly
  5. Line up quietly

 Classes who earn five 5’s in a row earn a choice activity day.  The warm-up / jog/ walk is worth 3 of the 5 points possible each day for individuals.


Students receive a + / = / - grade for effort/attitude with = meeting expectations

 Students receive a 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 grade for skills with 3 meeting expectations




Strike 1:         warning / penalty box / warning slip / long-form

 Strike 2:         Penalty Box / warning slip / long-form

 Strike 3:         Warning slip  / Long form

 The penalty box is a time-out place where students sit against the wall for 2 minutes/ 5 minutes / or game-misconduct depending on what they do.


We also have a “cooler” area where students who get injured/ need a break  can go to rest until they want to get back into the activity.




Students leaving the gym is up to our discretion (unless we know of a student’s medical reason).  It is definitely NOT allowed until student activity time.  This time can change based on what we are doing, but generally the first 15-20 minutes of class is off-limits.  We have hall “passes” to allow 1 boy and 1 girl out at a time. STUDENTS MUST ASK BEFORE LEAVING!





We require a doctor or parent note to excuse kids from activity.



Our year is culminated with FIELD DAY which takes place on a Friday in June.  Hopefully you can volunteer to help out!

We plan on sending out a monthly update about what’s going on in the gym!  It will be posted on my SWIFT site, and sent via Cascade News.  You are welcome to come watch/participate with your child any time…just make sure to check in at the main office.

 If you have any questions, email is the best way to get a hold of us:

 Or we can be reached at (425)204-3387  main office (425)204-3350



We look forward to a fun and active school year!



MR. T   and MR. C