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Your child needs your support for learning at home! Here are some ideas for ways to help your child:

Homework: Homework comes home each week!

Please be sure you are monitoring your child's homework each night.

You can help your child do their one minute read aloud timings.

20-30 minutes of reading time can be done with you reading to your child or your child reading to you.

Students need to complete and turn in their homework on Fridays.


Reading Timings:
In the WPM section, you need to time the student for one minute as they read the passage outloud. This
improves student's reading fluency.

Reading Log:
Students should also read for 30 minutes each night. They can read on their own or with you. They should complete the reading log to tell me about what they read.

If you have questions, please call or email me.
Mrs. Zimmerman

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