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Katherine WoltkampDimmitt Resource Room 45
William WhitsonMr. Whitson's Class Website
Ryan TorpieMs. Torpie - 7th Grade PNW History
Gayle SwannackDimmitt ILC 6th-8th Grade, Dimmitt/McKnight PenPals
Melissa Stephenson7th grade Language Arts/ Social Studies
Eugene Smith8th Grade Counselor, Intervention Counselor (RTI)
Mario PilapilMr. Pilapil's Class Website
Stephanie Pender7th grade LA/SS, Ms. Pender
Samantha PearsallMs. Pearsall's Class
Michelle OpinianoMichelle Opiniano
Melinda OosterhofMrs. Oosterhof's 6th Grade LA/SS
Melissa NormanMrs. Norman's Class
Erin MillerDMS Choir and Drama
Ashley McAllisterFamily and Consumer Sciences
Michelle LeMs. Le's 8th Grade Language Arts
Shannon KieferMrs. Kiefer's Class
Tymmony Keegan-MorganMs. Keegan -- 6th Grade Social Studies
Daniel IshiiIshii PE
Megan HughesMs. Hughes Science
Meghan HerlofskyMs. Herlofsky's Class Page
Stephanie HartungMs. Grab's ELL Class
Mark FlandersMr. Flanders 8th Grade Science
Adam Eilers6th grade Physical Education
Brian DysonDimmit MS Bands and Orchestras
Jacob ClotfelterMr. Clotfelter's 6th Grade LA/SS
Tami ChaseTami Chase, Math Support
Timothy BellDimmitt Middle School Library
Hannah BehrmannBehrmann 7th Grade Language Arts, Behrmann 8th Grade Language Arts, Ms. Behrmann Language Arts
Deborah BakerMrs.Baker's 8th Grade Social Studies
John AustinMr. Austin - Language Arts
Zoe AthanasesMs. Athanases
Anthony AséMr. Asé's 6th Grade Math
Umar AbdullahAbdullah 6th Grade LA, AbdullahLeadership