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Instructor:           Paul Scott      

Dimmitt Middle School

                                    Technology Education

                                    Room 140



Classroom Website:  


Parents, if any tool is for you then THIS IS IT!  Look on my site for contacting me(contact), downloadable and printable assignments (Documents), important project and homework dates (assigments), websites referenced in class and websites to explore (Links), and much more.



Classroom Curriculum and Activities:

Middle School Tech Ed is a Science, Technology, Education, and Math (STEM) course which contains four modules (see below).  Every Renton School District Middle School teaches these modules in the same sequence, one per semester.  A student could take all four modules during seventh and eighth grade without repeating curriculum or activities while building their skills and knowledge. This Spring we will be teaching Aerospace Exploration.


Tech Ed Module Dates for Dimmitt Middle School (subject to revision):


Aerospace Exploration – Spring 2016

Medical Detectives – Fall 2016

Automation and Robotics – Spring 2017

Video Game Design – Fall 2017



Aerospace Exploration

Spring 2016

Aerospace Exploration (AE)

Each unit in Aerospace Exploration utilizes intensive, academic, and hands on experiences to approach different topics under the STEM umbrella.  Hands-on labs, group projects, career explorations, and a possible field trip contribute to a fun, well-rounded, and relevant academic experience which also strengthens students’ science, technology, engineering and math skills. There is a strong emphasis on Washington State and Renton School District best practices for math and science instruction.


Aerospace Exploration is comprised of four units:

  • Science of      Flight
  • Airplane      Design
  • Aerospace      Manufacturing Materials/Techniques
  • Aerospace      Industry/Careers

Classroom and Academic Expectations

All classroom and academic expectations are posted on Mr. Scott’s website.  If you do not have internet access at home, please send a note or call Mr. Scott to get a paper copy of classroom and academic expectations (late work expectations, how to make up work,  etc.). 


Posted below are general expectations for all students and myself:


Student will:

Teacher will:

Come on time and prepared with   appropriate materials and a positive attitude EVERY DAY.

Come on time and prepared with   appropriate materials and a positive attitude EVERY DAY.

Respect classroom equipment and   materials.

Assure that all classroom equipment   and materials are treated appropriately and prepared for students

Respect others: peers, teacher, guest   teachers, and other guests in the building.

Respect others:  students, teachers, other guests in the   building.

Communicate regularly with their family   to ask for assistance and support and to share what they have learned in   class.

Communicate regularly with families about   student concerns, successes, and current projects.

Complete homework, class work, and   projects on time and with high quality.

Grade homework, class work, and   projects in a timely manner and give timely feedback.

Do his or her best, ask for help when   needed and enjoy the opportunity to learn and be successful in Tech. Ed.!

Do her best, ask for help when needed,   and enjoy the opportunity to teach and learn from her students.