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End of the Year Capitolism
Posted by Anthony Asé on June 11, 2018 at 12:14pm

We've got an end of the year project where the kids are creating origami and selling stuff. We have an auction of raw materials and we will make our class into an origami street market for a week.

I am transforming my role of teacher into the role of banker.

The sheet that students will be working from is copied below.


End of the year Origami Sales!

You will open a store to sell your origami creations! I will start you off with seed money, knowledge, and raw materials.


Seed Money: Seed money will be based on three factors

              1. Grade in my class

              2. SBA or STAR score, whichever is higher

              3. After school activities

If you have a 3 in my class, then you start off with $300 class bucks. Grade of 2, then $200 class bucks. Grade of 1, then $100 class bucks.
Your standardized test score nets you a “bonus”

              4 – 24.5% bonus

              3 – 18.6% bonus

              2 – 12% bonus

              1 – 9% bonus

Each afterschool activity you participated in nets you an extra $40 class bucks.

Class bucks will be given out tomorrow. Today you will calculate what your class bucks should be.

Knowledge: I will provide 7 different origami “how to” videos on our G-Class. It is up to you to choose what to listen to and what to practice. You can do as much extra or as little work as you wish. Your results are whatever your results are.

Raw Materials: I will charge Class Bucks for different types of papers. On Wednesday, I will come to class with all sorts of different papers for you to fold. Plain old paper. Shiny paper. Colorful paper. Paper made specifically for origami creations. You will auction for the price. Keep in mind how much money you have and how much you can sell your items for.

Your Goal: Make as much class bucks as possible, of course. Each class’s winner will not only get a bag of candy, they will also get to choose how we spend one day of the last week of school. Secondary goal, purchase every type of origami made. If you have the best collection, then you get a special surprise goal.


Rules: If you want to do something not mentioned above, you just have to check in with me. I may charge you a fee, I may impose specific rules, but most likely I’ll just say “okay”.




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