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Highly Capable
Posted by Anthony Asé on October 20, 2017 at 8:58am

Many of you want to know about how to get "highly capable" services for your student. The following is a link to get you started.

Students are only tested as a whole in 2nd grade, after that it has to be a recommendation. The reason I make this announcement is because the recommendations are due pretty early in the year, but it takes me a while to really get to know your students. So I have posted this link so that you can start the journey if you so choose.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the Renton School District Highly Capable program.

I have a lot of information about advanced math placement for next year, but "highly capable" is a bit different and is a District wide service.

The district wide leadership for this is Kelley Lowery and Jon Stadler. They can be contacted at KEC.
(425)204-2308 for Kelley Lowery
(425)204-2333 for Jon Stadler


I will keep my eyes open and work as best I can, but I also wanted to give you these resources.