Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts!

I am excited to be at Dimmitt Middle School. I am passionate about reading, writing, and history. I love to explore new places and history leads the way. 

This Year in Social Studies: 

We are going to explore ancient places and times. We will learn about exciting people, events, and go on journeys of discovery! Learning is fun and memorable when we dig into the material with a variety of learning strategies. Your child should be prepared to act out events, give their thoughts (verbally and written), read, and take on creative projects. Each student will be given a "Social Studies" journal that will be in their binder and needs to come to class every day! 

This Year in Language Arts:

We are going to be using reader's workshop . Every day, our students will have a book , binder, pencil and notebook they will need in class The notebook will become a "Reader's Journal". They will use this every day to reflect on what they are reading and concepts that we are learning in class. Each night, I would love and expect our scholars to read for at least 30 minutes and record their page count on their school bookmark. If this reading can be done in a quiet place away from the tv, that would be awesome!



I am teaching first period PE as well. I like to encourage movement and healthy eating in a safe environment. 

About Me:

I love to read, eat, travel, hike, and play ultimate frisbee. I enjoy exploring the outdoors and being active. Some of my favorite trips have been to Japan, France, and Australia. I love being exposed to new people and cultures. I am looking forward to learning with and from you and your family! 


Notre Dame in Paris, France. 

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This is Seattle Mixtape, the ultimate frisbee team I play on. Community is important. We will create and sustain this atmosphere in our classroom. We all have something to learn from each other.



I love being outside while exploring the mountains and forests around us. 

Welcome to 6th grade !