30 August 2017

Greetings families,

My name is Mario Pilapil and I am one of two English Language Learner teachers at Dimmitt
Middle School. I am excited for this school year and memories and challenges that accompany it. The
purpose of this letter is to give you a better understanding of who I am, my goals this school year, as
well as to highlight ways you can contribute to your student’s learning.

Originally from southern California, I grew up along the west coast of the US until finally
making the Pacific Northwest my permanent home. I attended the University of Washington where I
majored in history and also obtained my Master’s in Teaching in Social Studies and English Language
Learners. I love playing, talking about, and watching soccer; dancing; reading; watching movies;
eating awesome food; and of course, teaching.

One of my greatest goals this school year is to significantly improve students’ ability to speak,
write, read, and listen in English. I will come prepared each day with meaningful lessons that are
tailored to required standards as well as students’ needs, strengths, and interest. Though English is the
subject of instruction, I want to emphasize that students’ should never give up their first languages.

Another goal I have for this school year is to create a strong community within our classroom.
A strong classroom community serves as a welcoming, safe, and comfortable space for all learners.
To achieve this goal, students will participate in activities that require them to interact with, talk to, and
help each other. I will also consistently confer with your child on a one-on-one basis about their
progress in the class, dreams and aspirations, and their interests. These one-on-one conferences will
help me create lessons that are most suited for your child.

Furthermore, a classroom community cannot be strong without support from the parents. There
will be times throughout the year where I will ask for direct support from parents. Examples of
support include cultural presentations, assistance on field trips, and reading with your child at home.
Of course, I will always be open to talking with you about your child’s learning, upcoming lessons,
and anything else you have in mind about our school and classroom community. I can be reached best
at mario.pilapil@rentonschools.us.

Maraming Salamat!
Mr. Pilapil