This web page will help students and families find additional information for our class, such as homework, reading resources, documents, announcements and teacher contact information.

My goal for each student in my class is to improve their reading. In order for each student to improve they need to work hard. One way to help is making sure he/she is completing the reading homework, which is reading 30 minutes each night, five times a week. Please see the tab under Homework Calendar and Resources for specific assignments and help. 

Each student will receive a Pass (P)/Fail (F) grade. Homework, classwork, effort, and assessments are a huge part of the grade. Each quarter students need to read three or more books and complete a plot map and summary. Additional information can be found under the Reading Documents page. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

E-mail: shannon.kiefer@rentonschools.us

Phone: 425-204-2834


Class Expectations

  • Be in your seat with ALL Materials when the tardy bell rings.

  • Do not use Electronic devices in class without teacher permission.

  • Come to class EVERY day with a chapter book and something to write with.

  • Use the restroom during passing breaks.

  • Read 30 minutes, five nights a week for homework. Record it on your yellow bookmark. I will collect bookmarks every Monday.


Daily Class Materials/Supplies:

  • Sticky Notes
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Chapter book (can get one from me, another class, the school library or home)
  • School binder


 March 30th, 2017


For College Week, our 4th period worked together to decorate our door. They chose to represent the University of Washington. I am so proud of the work they did! IMG_82881.jpg



 January 5, 2017

Class Update:
We are starting our third unit of the year, Historical Fiction. Each student will be part of book club group, the groups get to decide what historical fiction book they would like to read. 6th graders are reading books centered around WWII and the Holocaust. 7th graders are reading books about other countries around the world, and 8th graders are reading historical fiction centered around U.S. History. There are two books that require a parent/guardian signature due to the adult nature of the books, if your child chooses one of those books to read, they will need a permission slip signed. 
For this unit, we will be focusing on identifying the theme or themes of each book. Themes are life lessons that a character learns, for example, you are never alone if you have friends. In order, for your student to participate in book group discussions he/she will need to keep up with the readings. Next week, we will pick books and create a calender that shows which pages need to be read each night. 
In addition to the book groups I will be reading a book aloud to the class, 6th and 7th graders will hear "Number the Stars" and 8th graders will hear "Devil's Arithmetic." I will model the work we are doing with the read aloud and students will be practicing the work in their book group book, which is why it is so important to keep up on the reading. If not, students will struggle with completing the class work. Please contact me with any questions regarding work that needs to be completed.