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7th Grade Science
Mrs. Peach



Welcome to our class website!  This site has many resources which I hope students and families will find helpful in working toward student success in 7th grade science. Keep exploring to see what information is here.  If you have ideas of additional information or resources that you would like to see on our website please e-mail me!


Getting Help and Make-up Work
I offer help most Tuesdays afters school from 2:45 - 4:00.  This is a great time for students to get extra help, study for assessments or to make-up work from absences.  Students who stay for these sessions are able to take the activity bus home if they are bus riders.  If students are not able to come in after school, I am also often available during lunch.  Students should see me to get a pass.


What students will need to have in class everyday...

  • Science Journal
  • Pencils
  • Notebook Paper
  • Binder
  • Assignment Sheet


Grading and Assessment
The Renton School District middle schools are implementing a Standards Based Grading System.  Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more detailed information.


Academic Grade

The academic grades reflect how well students have mastered specified learning targets. Students will be assessed multiple times on each learning target.  Grades reflect academic achievement on formative and summative assessments.

Non-Academic Indicators

Effort - This communicates how well your student follows the class routine, completes classwork and homework, and shows a focus on learning during class time.

Community Skills - This shows how the student impact the learning environment.  For example, how well the student accepts responsibility, shows active listening skills, respects personal/public property, respects the voice of others, and values instructional time.

 All student work will be graded on a 4,3,2,1 scale.



How can families encourage science success at home?
  • Provide a quiet place and set time for homework and study time.
  • Encourage you child to think and reason about everyday phenomemena.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions about their world.
  • Communicate to your child that you expect them to do well in science.
  • Teach your child that effort, not just ability, is a key to success in science.
  • Provide access to science books, magazines, videos and other sources of information.
  • Talk about science news and issues during meals, while in the car, or anytime!
  • Teach your child that their math, writing, and reading are all skills that are used in science too.

Useful Links for Parents and Families