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I teach Math 7 and Algebra here at Dimmitt.  Below I have outlined what we are doing to begin the year for each class. It is important to note that we use the common core state standards to plan and implement our math lessons at Dimmitt. 

Your child should have a text book that they have checked out and they will also have access to an online textbook,  Look for that link here, very soon..

This year we will also have Daniel Romine who will be with us all year. Daniel is a Student Teacher from SPU and we are very lucky to have him with us.
In math we have been focusing on learning and taking responsibility for yourself and your group through group roles.
The group roles they are learning are:
Team Captain (keep group moving forward);
Facilitator(keep group talking about math);
Resource Manager (make sure group has what they need);
Recorder Reporter (make sure group is writing work ).
During Group work,the expectation is that all students should be on the same question at the same time.

Here is a link with CPM tips that will help you with the CPM materials.


Sometimes students or parents want an alternative explanation of an idea along with additional practice problems. This link will help with that.

http://cpm.org/cc2-parent-guide also available in Spanish

Sometimes students and parent need a little help with the homework problems. This link will take you to homework help.


Math 7--Number systems
The math 7 content--
    We are investigating what rational numbers are now.  The students are reviewing how to convert fractions to decimals and a percent and back.  This requires remembering the basic skills around adding subtracting multiplying and dividing whole numbers.  During the review of conversions we are going to study adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers (integers).  We will also investigate how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative fractions and decimals.  At the end of the unit we will study some mathematical rules called arithmetic properties.  We will be testing for this unit at the end of October. 

Simply put, Algebra is about finding the unknown or it is about putting real life problems into equations and then solving them.


Review materials look lower on the page.

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It's going to be a great year


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 Students!! Are you looking for a great reference to help you remember something from your math past? Go to the Links page or click the link below, pick a specific topic and watch a short video with detailed instructions on the topic of your choice.  This is a great way to review something from last year, or something new we are going over in class.  

 Math 7, Here is a short example video discussing an important topic for this year, Negative numbers. If you want/need help on a topic click the link below to get to the Khan Academy website.

Here is another video about Slope and Y intercept  
Review of Percents and Decimals
Click the link below to find videos about any math topic you are curious about.
Algebra Links for 9/26


An SBAC Testing  document has been uploaded to the Documents section,  or click the link below.

Click here, then select 7th Gr SBAC Practice.

The Document printed upside down, but if you right click your mouse you can rotate picture until it is easier to read.