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Algebra and Technology Education

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Middle School Tech Ed is a Science, Technology, Education, and Math (STEM) course.  This semester's module is Video Game Design and Scratch based programming (GG Interactive) with additional coding incorporated throughout semester via (Code.org) and other programming languages offered through Code Combat.  For more information please read the syllabus in the Document section and explore the Canvas page  (Click Here).



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I teach Technology Education and Algebra here at Dimmitt.  

Your Algebra child will soon receive a text book that they have checked out and they will also have access to an online textbook,  Look for that link here,  soon.

Please check out the class Canvas page.

In Algebra at Dimmitt in addition to the Math, we focus on learning and taking responsibility for yourself and your group through group roles.
The group roles they are learning are:
Team Captain (keep group moving forward);
Facilitator(keep group talking about math);
Resource Manager (make sure group has what they need);
Recorder Reporter (make sure group is writing work ).
During Group work,the expectation is that all students should be on the same question at the same time.

Here is a link with CPM tips that will help you with the CPM materials.


Sometimes students or parents want an alternative explanation of an idea along with additional practice problems. This link will help with that.

http://cpm.org/cc2-parent-guide also available in Spanish

Sometimes students and parent need a little help with the homework problems. This link will take you to homework help.



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