Welcome to Honey Dew music!

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Ms Colton has been teaching in RSD for 4 years. She teaches grades Kindergarten-5. Prior to teaching in the Renton School District, she taught for many years at private schools in Indiana, Utah and Washington. Contact Ms. Colton HERE

Our program provides:


♫ exposure to a wide variety of music


♫  experiences that will lead students to value music in their lives


♫ opportunities to participate in musical activities


♫ opportunities for musical creativity


Our program develops:

 ♫ the ability to listen to and appreciate music of diverse styles and cultures

 ♫ skills in movement, singing and playing instruments

 ♫ music literacy

♫ the ability to continue musical learning independently


The goal of our program is to teach students to be  Tune-ful, Art-ful, and Beat-ful.

Tune-ful:  Students can use a singing voice to sing with the radio, sing a lullaby or create their own songs.

Art-ful:  Students can use expression in their own music and recognize artistry in many types of music.

Beat-full:  Students can keep a steady beat, dance to a beat and chant to a beat.