Welcome to Honey Dew music!


Students at Honey Dew Elementary attend music classes twice each week for 45 minutes.  In class students explore music through:

movement, singing, playing instrumentscreating music, performing music and responding to our wonderful world of music.  

Honey Dew music teachers use curriculum materials developed by the "Fierabend Association for Music Education"  Kindergarten and first grade explore the "First Steps in Music" and 2nd -5th follow "Conversational Solfege"  Other RSD curriculum materials are also used.

The goal of our program is to teach students to be Tune-full, Art-full, and Beat-full.


Tune-full:  Students can use a singing voice to sing with the radio, sing a lullaby or create their own songs.

Art-full:  Students can use expression in their own music and recognize artistry in many types of music.

Beat-full:  Students can keep a steady beat, dance to a beat and chant to a beat.


I look forward to creating music with your children!

Caryn Colton

Music Specialist

Honor Choir Director





Concert Schedule:

5th grade:  East Hill Vertical Concert        

4th grade:  Grade Level Concert              

3rd grade:  Recorder Concert                   

2nd grade:  Martin Luther King Jr.            

1st grade:  Veterans' Day Assembly         

Kindergarten: Spring Concert                   

Honey Dew Honor Choir Concerts:

Winter Concert                                         

Spring Concert