Students should have each night's assignments copied into their Homework Planners. All work is due the following morning unless otherwise noted!
Homework Tips:

1) Find a quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place to complete your work. (Begin with the End in Mind)
2) Get started right away so you have time to play when you're done! (Put First Things First- work first, then play)
3) If you get stuck, ask a family member for helpĀ or email/call Ms. Keaton. (Be Proactive)
4) ALWAYS do your neatest and best work! (Begin with the End in Mind- so you don't have to redo it!)

Nightly Homework: 30 minutes (or more!) of reading, 10 minutes of math studying (review packet, fact fluency, discourse, DreamBox), unfinished classwork (see homework planner)