The overall goal of this class is to inspire and develop responsible citizenship. This includes responsible scholarship in this class and extends to positive and productive membership in our school, our community, our nation, and our world now and in the future.


        ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON THE DUE DATE. Late assignments that are turned in by the end school day will receive a 10% reduction in grade. Work that is turned in during the next five days will receive a 50% reduction in grade. After five days the assignment will not recieve credit.

Assessments and assignments that have been graded should be viewed as works in progress and can be re-done and turned to be re-graded.

History students can now access the entire text online.
Students can, but are not required to, checkout a hardback text in class.
Students can access the text online by going to:
The Student Access Code is:
By using the Table of Contents tab in the upper left hand corner students can go directly to the chapter and section of their choice.

are responsible for all notes and information missed. STUDENTS are responsible to make up any missed assignments or assessments in compliance with school policy.

Please feel free to contact me at:
School – (425) 204-4245