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9th Grade Science

There are a number of study aids for the upcoming Unit 1 Test on the Periodic Table in the 9th Grade Science Documents - check them out!

9th Grade Honors Science

The instructions for the Periodic Panel are under the documents tab. This assignment is going into the assessment category of your grade. TAKE YOUR TIME TO DO QUALITY WORK!

Due date: Monday October 30th. 

You must get document that you have had at least one of your classmates review your work and give you feedback. I will happily give you feedback AFTER you have done that. The peer review will be graded in terms of you seeking one out and then describing how you incorporated the feedback or why you chose not to. (This is NOT an essay. NO MORE than 1/2 page please.)

When searching for possible scarcity risks, you may want to consider possible trade wars, the U.S.'s current relationship with the top producing country, impending upheaval. Also, you may want to consider risks from major natural disasters, recent natural disaster or environmental impacts of producing your element.

I'm excited to see your work - both your graphic work and the work on Supply Risks!