3rd Quarter Freshwater Project Info


Student have been working on projects about various freshwater topics. The first articles they did were intended to introduce many topics and help students get familiar with the research tools they will be using for the major project.


Their final projects (poster, model, experiment, etc.) will be set up in the library for all other 9th grade classes to review. Between now and the end of the year each 9th grade science teacher is covering a different major topic. Ms. Coad’s class is covering freshwater issues and Ms. Panerio’s students are doing the ocean (both set up in the library April 5th). Ms. Hoover’s mining and Ms. Harold’s, climate change. The dates for those events is TBD.


The research component of the project is strictly individual. Each student is responsible for turning in 3 articles on a topic and summarizing their articles on their own.


2-3 students may work together for the final project. Once students agree to work together, there is no undoing the groups.


Due dates:

  • Monday March 26: 3 annotated and outlined articles (in documents provided)
  • Tuesday March 27: Synthesized research (in provided document)
  • Thursday March 29: Final project


Documents can be found under the 9th grade science documents tab.


I’m excited to see the final projects and hope you will consider coming in on April 5th!


Ms. Coad