Test Friday:

Students should use their quizzes and the materials under the Warm Up/Knowledge Check tab to prepare for the test on Friday.

Students are also working in class on a Life Cycle of a Star Assessment that will be due Thursday. Look for the rubric online by tomorrow afternoon.

  • Nuclear vs. chemical reactions
  • Reaction characteristics for decay (all types), fission and fusion
  • Neutrons (activation energy) start fission reactions
  • Fission mousetrap model analysis
  • Forces in the nucleus: electric and strong nuclear
    • The effect of distance on the strength of the force,
    • What the force does,
    • Whether or not the force depends on charge
  • Describe a fission reaction
    • How the reaction grows
    • The mass and number of protons before and after the reaction
  • Describe fusion
  • Plasma: describe what it is and how it relates to fusion
    • Where fusion (mostly) occurs
    • Conditions necessary for fusion
  • Fusion math