I love teaching science and I hope that you find this class exciting and valuable, and that this is just the beginning of a life-long interest in learning more about the living world around us and how you can help care for it.

This year in 10th Grade Biology we will embark on a challenging exploration of the science of life including the study of: the Chemistry of Life, Cell Biology, DNA, Biotechnology, Genetics, Evolution, Taxonomy, Ecology, and Microorganisms. The class will cover all topics needed to fully prepare students for the Washington State End of Course Exam in Biology.

This year in Advanced Placement Biology: Content will cover the four "big ideas" in biology: (1) how evolution drives the diversity and unity of life, (2)  how biological systems utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, reproduce and maintain homeostasis, (3) how living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond, and (4) how biological systems interact. A significant portion of the content of this course will be covered independently by each student so success in this program depends in large part on the student fulfilling his or her academic responsibilities. The majority of class time is spent in lecture, class discussion and lab. Course material is supported by the text, the internet and video plus materials that can be found on this website. This college level class will prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Biology to be taken in May. Sophomore AP Biology students will also take the Washington State Biology End of Course Exam in June.

 Class Schedule - Room 237

Period 1 - 10th Grade Biology

Period 2 - 10th Grade Biology

Period 3 - Advanced Placement Biology

Period 4 - planning

Period 5 - 10th Grade Biology

Period 6 - 10th Grade Biology

Welcome to 10th grade Biology and Advanced Placement Biology! Let’s have a great year!