Welcome to Geometry 1-2 with Mr. Sidman.

From this class page you can:

All students are assigned a hardcopy text to keep at home and also have access to an online copy.

Mr. Sidman is available after school to help and tutor students.  Quiz and test grades can be improved with additional work.  Refer to the syllabus for details.

Geometry is a challenging class. Keep your planners up-to-date.  Check them every day.  Read each lesson in the textbook before doing homework.  Complete all assignments thoughtfully.  Ask questions in class.  When we go over homework and quizzes, be sure to write correct answers in red or green pen.  Re-try these questions before a test, checking back to your corrected HW.  Take advantage of the extra help available after school.  Persistence is the key to success.


Mr. Sidman