Culminating Projects


Where can I find Resources for my Culminating Project?
Class of 2015 Portfolio Due Date:  January 16th 2015
Presentations: March 25th, 26th, 27th & 30th 2015
Access Information on the Hazen Website:
Toward the bottom of the Culminating Project 2014 Requirements Page, you"ll find the
*Portfolio Rubric
*Presentation Rubric
These Rubrics outline each of the components that should be included in both the Portfolio and the Presentation.
Also on this web page you'll find links to many of the items you need to include in your portfolio. If you can't find an item you need, email Mr.Alan Page ( or check in with your counselor.

Check out Hazen High School's Overview on Culminating Preojects


 Culminating Project Requirements


Component #1 - Academic Profile
Transcript 12th Grade with reflection
Transcript Request
Transcript Reflection

WASL scores, Report Cards PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP,
Running Start, ASVAB

Component #2 - Collection of Authentic Learning and Exemplary Work “Best Work”

9th, 10th, 11th , and 12th Grade Best Works from core classes with reflection
Best Work Reflection

Any other examples of 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th grade best work showing growth and improvement.

Component #3 - High School and Beyond Plan
High School and Beyond Planner Updated 12th with reflection emphasizing the students plans for the years immediately after graduation.
High School and Beyond Plan
High School and Beyond Reflection
Financial Plan Worksheet

Three Personal Interviews

Component #4 - Career Documents and Interest Survey

Career Game (9th)
Identify Your Values Questionnaire (9th)
About Me Survey (10th)
College Fair Worksheet (11th)
Revised Resume (12th) (Career Cruising) Resume Builder
Two Letters of Recommendation (12th)
Letter of Recommendation Request
Financial Planner (12th)
Learning Styles Worksheet

IIT Resume (9th)
Health Career Project (9th)
Three Interviews Assignment (10th)
Sample Job Application (10th)
Sample Recommendation Letter Request (11th)
Senior Survival Worksheet (Career Center)(12th)

Component #5 - Personal Achievements, Accomplishments, and Civic Responsibility
Personal Achievement / Civic Responsibility Organizer
Personal Achievement / Civic Responsibility Organizer Reflection
Conclusion Page(s) Summary of how the components of the portfolio are connected to the student’s goals along with their progress towards “13th” year.
Portfolio Rubric
Presentation Rubric 2013


Portfolio must be neat and well organized. All best works, reflections and any other material not contained within a worksheet or provided document must be typed. No spelling or grammatical mistakes.
Presenters will:
· be well organized and prepared for questions
· speak clearly, have good eye contact, and posture
· meet the criteria for appearance as appropriate for professional or business presentation
· incorporate appropriate use of technology such as PowerPoint.

Sample PowerPoint template