Career Assignment 1

Your assignment will be to research a single career from the Health Informatics or Supportive Services pathways for the purpose of showing your classmates what people in this field do. You will be finding three pictures of people doing the career, describe the duties they are doing in the picture, identify what training or education they had to have in order to get the job, and identify what the starting salary is for that job in our area (county, region, or state).

The following guidelines must be followed while completing this assignment.

  1. Each student must select a different career in the Supportive Services or Health Informatics pathways. The career MUST be preapproved by Mr. Walker to prevent duplication. This is done by email on a first-come basis.
  2. For a sample list of health careers, visit these websites.
  3. The main subject of each photo must be a health professional in action, though this can be accomplished through editing/cropping. The health professional needs to be visible and identifiable in the photo and the photos should portray something about the profession or the skills of the professional. By looking at the photo, an observer should be able to clearly tell which health profession is being portrayed.
  4. You must write-up a description of the duties being performed in the picture, which should match common duties of the profession as listed in research.
  5. Photos of only medical “procedures” or “body parts” with no supporting career reference DO NOT meet the guideline requirements.
  6. You may use software to edit and enhance the digital photographs. Editing and cropping of the pictures is permitted, but adding graphics, backgrounds, photo collages, and other elements to the photo is not permitted.
  7. You may present this information as either a digital presentation, a physical portfolio, or on a poster board.