Career Assignment 2

Careers in the Therapeutic Services pathway are focused primarily on changing the health status of the patient over time. Health professionals in this pathway work directly with patients; they may provide care, treatment, counseling and health education information.

Job possibilities in this sector of health care are seemingly endless. Careers include those such as home health, nursing, rehabilitation and therapy, care management, emergency services and many more. All of these careers involve direct patient contact and care on a daily basis. Careers that fall into this category involve a high level of patient interaction, and thus involve very specific educational requirements and legal authorizations.

The following guidelines must be followed while completing this assignment.

  1. Each student must select a different career in the Therapeutic pathway. The career MUST be preapproved by Mr. Walker to prevent duplication and confirm the pathway. This is done by email on a first-come basis.
    1. You will have an opportunity to select another career from this pathways in the final project, but it may not be the same as selected for this assignment.
  2. For a sample list of health careers, visit these websites.
  3. The selected career MUST also be eligible for Washington State licensure as referenced from one of these websites:
    3. Medical Doctor (any specialty) or Physician Assistant ONLY: the Washington State DoH portion of the website for these careers is not working. You are to look at the requirements for Licensure in Oregon: More specific information can be found here:
  4. Students will create a digital, self-contained presentation demonstrating insight and understanding into the educational and legal requirements to begin and maintain eligibility to function in the career as well as an understanding of the duties and responsibilities involved in the work.
    1. The presentation will be performed using a gallery-walk format. To facilitate this process, specific formatting will be required, including the use of PowerPoint specifically to facilitate class function. Students are free to use other medium initially and class time and instruction will be provided to convert the presentation into the required format. Additional formatting is referenced below.
  5. The following topics are required to be included in the presentation. Each lettered component listed below should be expected to require a minimum of one slide, though some may . No maximum is explicitly identified for each component.
    1. What in general are professionals in this career expected to be able to do?
    2. Washington State licensure requirements including completion of programs, courses, assessment / testing, individual classes, or certification from outside organizations or certifying bodies.
      1. If certification from outside organizations or certifying bodies is required, you will need to look at the requirements for those organization(s).
      2. Does the state, organizing body, or educational program require any internship, externship, apprenticeship, or other experiential learning?
      3. You must include the length of licensure / recertification period.
      4. You must include the license renewal requirements including requirements for continuing education elements and/or retesting of knowledge &/or skills.
    3. Education requirements of the specific career including a minimum of one training provider inside Washington State, prerequisites, length of program, and sample classes or coursework.
    4. What specific skills are these individuals required to be able to perform in order to do the tasks or duties they are expected to be able to do?
      1. What skill competencies are assessed by the school, educational program, or the certifying agency? What is required by the state?
      2. Are there specific competencies, practical evaluations, skill sheets or psychomotor assessment forms available?
    5. References:
      1. A variety of methods/sources must be used to complete the career research.
      2. Washington State Department of Health requirements must be referenced directly from the websites listed in Point 3 above.
      3. References for all pictures and all applicable state, organization, and school requirements must be referenced directly on each slide as either a footer or a credited quote. Multiple references may be needed on some slides.
    6. Formatting:
      1. Utilize design elements for the presentation to include color, animations, &/or transitions. Slideshows should be set to advanced manually slide-to-slide, but can be set to time animations automatically.
      2. No font should be smaller than size 18 (except footer information). Keep your information easily readable. Split larger data into multiple columns or pages.
      3. No slide should have a single, complete paragraph. This is not an essay nor a story, it is a presentation display. Use bullets to convey lists of information.
      4. Use pictures to illustrate info as often as possible, even if it adds extra slides.
      5. Have a title slide with the career and your name.
      6. The final slide should be blank, meaning devoid of writing. You will be instructed how to set up the slideshow to automatically return the user to the first slide.

Currently taken careers:

P1 P5
Surgeon MD registered nurse
Veterinarian Anesthesiologists MD
Registered Nurse EMT / Paramedic 
Mortician respiratory therapist
Mental Health Counselor dialysis technican
Physical therapist Psychologist
Psychologist Occupational Therapy Assistant 
athletic trainer Midwife 
Paramedic Anesthesiology Technologist
Dentist  pediatrician MD
podiatrist licensed practical nurse
Nurse Anesthetist nurse practitioner
Surgeon DO Emergency physician DO
speech language pathologist Chiropractor
Nurse Practitioner Nurse Anesthetist
Certified Nursing Assistant  
Anesthesiologist Assistant  
Surgical Technologist  
veterinarian technician  
Licensed Practical Nurse  
Neurologist DO  
Nurse Midwife