Welcome to choral music at Hazen!

We have one of the top programs in Washington State and I am thrilled to work with each one of you. This website has our performance calendar, syllabus, sight reading documents, ensemble information, and, announcements. Guitar and piano students have access to course documents, practice materials, and, testing dates.

 My schedule and contact information are listed below. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the information included here. It is best to call during my conference and planning times. Otherwise, I read my e-mail after my rehearsals are over and I respond to them promptly. I am in the building  until 3:00 p.m., but am usually in rehearsal between 2:00-3:00.

0 Period - DIVINA VOCE - 6:30-7:15
1st Period - PIANO - 7:20-8:17
2nd Period - MIXED CHORUS - 8:22-9:19
3rd Period - Conference and Planning - 9:24-10:26
4th Period - GUITAR - 10:31-11:59 (second lunch)
5th Period - Conference and Planning - 12:04-1:01
6th Period - CONCERT CHOIR - 1:06-2:03
7th Period - MAN CHOIR - 2:03-3:03 (M,W)

Contact Information:
Josh Viles
Director of Choirs
Hazen High School
(425) 204-4258

Choral music is the cheapest and most inclusive form of classical music that exists. It binds communities together, and gives ordinary people access to the performance of some of the greatest music ever written for a fraction of the cost of any other classical music form. In this multi-ethnic age, choral music can be of enormous help in the integration of disparate cultures. It develops the mental, and therefore physical health of the participating individuals.