Welcome to 2nd Trimester 

Grades were updated January 25 and every other Friday after.

Website will be updated every other Friday, so check back often.

 It is the students responsibility to make sure that their posted grades are correct and to e-mail me if they have questions/concerns.

The best support you can give your child is to check their notebooks on a bi-weekly basis. Check to see that their table of contents is up to date, that they are completing their daily warm-ups and that they have pens/pencils.

Absences: If you are going to be home sick and want to catch up please send me a quick e-mail and I will be happy to get you caught up.

  • Due to space being limited on uploading documents please contact Ms. Khastoo if a worksheet is needed.

    Lab Make-ups- If are absent on the day of cooking labs you have three options:
    1)  Create the recipe at home
    2) Schedule a day after school with Ms. Khastoo to come in after school and use the kitchens in her classroom.
    3) If you don't have specific ingredients, schedule a time with Ms. Khastoo and come in after school to take the ingredients home and make-up the lab.
    *** Fill out a make-up worksheet for each lab you make-up (These forms can be found under the documents tab)***