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Energy of combustion class data NOT ENTRY here

Energy of combustion lab, enter data here

Volume of a mole of gas enter data here

Silver Nitrate Part 2 submit data here

Silver Nitrate lab data: Here

Silver Nitrate Lab Part 1 data submission: Here

4/14/15: Crime Scene files for each unit now in the assignments folder.

Energy ppt: here

Cost of a Penny lab instructions and questions: Here

Balancing Act! Assignment Need 15 correct on advanced level no more than 2 problems with after more than one attempt. here

Class and lab data will be posted in this area

Nail lab data. Please post here

Binary Molecular Naming: Here

Class rules for ionic naming: here

Mercury software files: Here


Missed 2/11 and need the mercury software? Download that here... http://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/SupportandResources/Downloads/pages/ProtectedDownload.aspx?d=71&aguid=6f8d05f6-7900-4090-a9b2-28cb3c0da1dd

Conductivity lab: Here

Sticky Tape lab data: here

Lab drawers should be organized like this

Extra crime scene investigation log here

Extra chemistry resources: I have developed an external site for chem resources by topic which will be added to throughout the year. check it out for great resources on material we are and will be working on... https://sites.google.com/site/mrmelansonschemresources/

Sig Figs still a puzzle? Makes sure to check out this resource and take the practice quiz... here

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     Chemistry daily agenda & entry tasks: Here

     Chemistry Exit Tickets: Socractive.com or Socrative app, room number: 3801F8e5

     Chemistry Assignments: Here


Classroom rules have been developed for all chemistry classes. The links to these rules are below:

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period