Welcome to all (Bienvenidos a todos)

Looking forward to another year teaching Spanish at Hazen.

One of the big components of my class is building vocabulary. Students should be studying their current vocabulary flashcards every evening until they know all the words Spanish to English and vice a versa. If a student says he has no homework, go through his flashcards. If he doesn't know them all, he has homework.

Students will have a text book checked out to them in the first couple weeks of school. They will take that book home and use it as a resource.

Students who use their cell phone in class for texting will automatically get a failing grade in participation that week. (Participation is worth 15% of total grade). 

I plan on increasing confidence with my students in the hopes that they will continue studying the language and use it to travel at some point.




Here's to a successful school year.


Sr. Murphy