Welcome to chemistry!

 We are now using CANVAS.  Please visit the Chemistry CANVAS page.


Quarter 4 day-by-day for Chemistry 2:


6/1 BCA QUIZ!  More balancing Eq. WS Due

5/30 and 5/31 Students meet in Computer Lab 231 for WCAS testing.  Modified block schedule.  Tuesday 1,2,3 and Wednesday 4,5,6

5/29  Today in class we continued working with stoichiometric problems and the BCA charts.  Students worked to complete any assignments they have yet to complete.  BCA QUIZ Friday!


5/24 Today we took a pop quiz on empirical formulas.  The BCA quiz is postpones until next week.  We picked up "More Balancing Equations" WS for more practice with this skill. Also if you did not get 100% on today's quiz, students also got a practice WS for creating ionic compounds.  WS 2 is due.

5/22 Today we learned about limiting reactants and percent yeild- then we completed WS2..  Watch this video to review: Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield

You can try this one too: Percent Yield Made Easy: Stoichiometry Tutorial Part 4

Or this one:Calculating Percent Yield from the Limiting Reactant

5/21  WS2 Problems 1, 2,3- Khan academy https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry/chemical-reactions-stoichiome/stoichiometry-ideal/a/stoichiometry

5/18  BCA whiteboarding

5/17  Intro BCA diagrams, WS1 - Due Monday

5/16   Many students AP testing today- please work on any assignments that you have not completed.  If all your assignments are turned in then you may work on test corrections.

5/15   Many students AP testing today- please work on any assignments that you have not completed.  If all your assignments are turned in then you may work on test corrections. 

5/14  To complete today's assignment go to this Phet sight:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/reactants-products-and-leftovers

Sandwich shop assignment introduces us to the idea of limiting reactants.  The assignment also allows students to recall how to use stoichiometric relationships to solve problems using cancellation of units and conversion factors.  Return of the Paperclips is an assignment DUE FOR A GRADE.  The due date is flexible, however, you should have it completed AND TURNED IN no later than Thursday 5/17.

5/11  Return of the paperclips assignment reinforces the idea of limiting reactants.  The assignment uses a computer simulation to model the concept of limiting reactants. Sandwich Shop is an assignment DUE FOR A GRADE.  The due date is flexible, however, you should have it completed AND TURNED IN no later than Thursday 5/17.

5/10  Due to AP testing many students are out, and some required more time for the unit exam - so we continued working on the unit exam today in class.  When all students present completed the exam we watched a video on important chemical reactions throughout history.  Please check Skyward to ensure all your assignments are turned in and up-to-date.  I have graded all assignments *except* the unit exam.

5/9  Unit Exam

5/8  Review balancing reactions, types of reactions, and vocab (KAHOOT and Whiteboard) WS4 DUE

5/7  Review Energy bar charts to follow energy flow through a system (whiteboard)

5/4  More on energy bar charts- WS4

5/3  Endothermic or exothermic reactions- and energy flow through a system, if you missed today watch this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJXL0IrbtqE

5/2 Brain Works- Complete the identification of types of reactions on WS2, using the 5 types of chemical reactions.  Due tomorrow. 

5/1  QUIZ on balancing chemical equations.  

       Introduction of the 5 types of chemical reactions.  Watch these videos if you missed today or want more: 

Types of Chemical Reactions 

or check out this website: 


4/30  Today we practiced balancing chemical equations as groups to prepare for the quiz tomorrow.  You should be able to balance a chemical equation given the products and reactants.  You should also be able to write the chemical compounds given a written description of the reaction, then balance.  Tomorrows quiz has 5 questions- you can do it! 


4/27 Practice balancing chemical equations on white borad.  Student can work on WS 3 in class or complete WS2.  WS2 Due today. 

4/25 and 4/26  Block Schedule:  Today students completed the multiple part lab, wrote out the purpose and may have completed the "Lab Report" in class in they used their time efficiently.  Also students worked on WS2, due tomorrow. 

4/23 and 4/24 Block Schedule:  Today students completed 3-4 reaction as part of a multi-part lab.  Report is due Friday.  Also students worked to complete WS1 in class.  Rearranging Atoms assignment Due today.  For help with balancing chemical equations visit the khan acaedmy site: 

Start here: 


If the above video leaves you feeling confused, go here: 


4/20 Students used molecular modeling kits to develop understanding of chemical reactions and the law of conservation of mass. 

4/19  Unit 6 Exam revisited.  You and your partner get to look over your answer for the exam and submit for the final time.  The Nail Lab is due. 

4/18 Discuss Nail Lab data and conclusions.  Class time to complete the conclusions- this assignment is due tomorrow.  DUE TODAY- Electrolysis of copper (II) chloride. 

4/17  Discussion of Electrolysis of copper (II) chloride- class time to complete this assignment.  Assignment due tomorrow! 

If you need more help with this check out this website: Electrolysis of copper(II) chloride 

4/16 Welcome back. Modeling the electrolysis of copper (II ) chloride using a labelled diagram.  No Homework. 

4/6 Unit 6 exam. Happy Spring Break!  

4/5 Review for unit 6 exam.