Welcome to Mr. Sidman's advisory webpage!

This class is also known as CPP, Culminating Project Period.  All four years of high school, we meet as a group once a month on Fridays.  In the first two years, advisory activities develop a supportive school atmosphere for student success.  In the last two years we focus on the Culminating Project, designed to encourage students to reflect on their growth, to explore what they want to do after high school, and update their plan for what they need to accomplish during high school and after graduation in order to achieve their goals.

Successful completion and presentation of the project is a graduation requirement.  Each student presents to a panel of evaluators.  Students describe and provide documented evidence from their CPP binder to show that they have acquired the academic and behavioral skills to be productive young adults in society, contributed to the community during their high school years, and have a specific plan for what they will do after high school.  This is sometimes called the "13th year plan."  Graduation requirements for the class of 2017 are described here.   http://hazen.rentonschools.us/SchoolPage.aspx?PageName=GradRequirements

CPP advisory handouts are under the documents link on this site.