Second Semester: 

 Overview: This semester we begin with Genetics and work through Biotech and Evolution. 

  • Carry-Over topics: Meiosis (means of creating gametes and how genetic diversity in sexually reproducing organisms is accomplished. 
  • Pedigree Diagrams- start with 'affected' (has the trait) and progress through concept of 'carrier' and understand the different symbols used in this diagram and the various purposes. 
  • Probability
  • Mendel (classic genetics)
  • DNA- structure, function, relationship to genes
  • Electrophoresis
  • Relationship between genetics, environmental pressures  and process of Evolution
  • What Evolution does and does not address/say
  • Examples of current Evolution
  • Anthropology Basics

 Wednesday February 14th

I have uploaded a link for some trait cross practice. Instructions for doing are in a PP under documents (Genetics Day 7). I have also opened different links on Dihybrid crosses (YouTube). We will cover this in class but for additional help this is a good link. 

HOMEWORK- the family pedigree sheet I gave out (Kendrick Family) is DUE. Please have it in the IN basket when you come into class. 

 Thursday, March 1st- I have added some links that go over dogma concepts for Mendelian Genetics. Most are YouTube. You can also go to YouTube and look at the Bill Nye, Eyes of Nye Series and find the Evolution of Sex video that goes over why sexual reproduction is a boon.