WH Guiding Questions and Syllabus

Forest Tree                                Twigs                               

Why do civilizations rise, change, and fall?

To what extent has geography and cultural diffusion

influenced the development of individuals and groups
within societies? (Guns, Germs, and Steele)

• How do the arts respond to and shape society while giving
voice to the human condition?

• How have belief systems both unified and divided people
in societies?

• What is progress and how does it shape our understanding
of the past?

• How much control is needed to maintain order is society?

• How do you live a good life (Nicomachean Ethics)?

What has that question meant historically  

• Do the means need to justify the end? or are results what
matters most (Kant vs Bentham)

• Do circumstances of someone’s birth determine your
social status in (Social Mobility

How do you
experience the
legacy of African

  • Sundiata
  • Mansa Musa
  • James Hunt