Students need to read for 30 minutes 5 days a week - or a total of 150 minutes if your schedule doesn't allow 5 days of reading.  This should be recorded daily on the homework calendar your child fills out each day in class.  

Please sign the homework calendar each night and check to see what your child has done in class and what has been assigned as homework.  Your child should have homework each evening including their independent reading.  We complete this everyday as a class, please check that your child is filling it in.

Homework calendars are due signed by you and filled in - especially the reading log,  each Friday!

Monday letters are sent home every Monday, showing how your child is progressing in math and reading.  It will also describe your child's behavior and list any missing assignments that he or she may have.  Please sign this and return in the next day.  If it is not returned by Wednesday, I will be asking your child to call home during recess to give a friendly reminder that it needs to be returned!

Independent Reading Project - this is a year long project in which all 5th graders are expected to read 40 books of a variety of genres.  Please talk to your child about this project!