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Hazelwood P.E. with Kim Magnuson (1 image)

 Welcome to Kim Magnuson's P.E. (Physical Education) site for 2016-2017. Students, family, and community, this is just the beginning of Hazelwood's P.E. adventures. The menu contains our Gym Calendar, Curriculum, Events and extracurricular fun. Soon I will enter my classes along with the time and student's days in gym. I will periodically update information (especially in the Calendar) showing upcoming events and need to know knowledge both inside and outside of the gym. Currently my goal for this site is to continue to add information that will prepare our student's for a healthy, fun, and successful time at Hazelwood. My long term goal (with the WE ALL CAN attitude) is to instill the love of movement and healthy knowledge into every child while preparing them for successful, prosperous life.
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