Hello, and welcome to my web page. I am the principal of Kennydale Elementary School, where "Today we do our best, to learn our best, to be our best tomorrow."

My over twenty years of experience at the elementary and middle school levels inform my leadership at Kennydale, as well as a belief in our students' inherent curiosity and capacity to learn. People are born learners; at school, our mission is to cultivate that natural drive to ensure that all of our students have opportunities in their future education and career paths, and are empowered as maturing citizens in our democracy.

To learn more about Kennydale Elementary, our PTA, and the Renton School District, please see the links at the left. For school-related questions, contact our main office at 425-204-4700. I can also be reached at john.schmitz@rentonschools.us.

Go Kodiaks!