9/14 Quiz on Isle Royale Wolf and Moose Populations

•Lynx and Hare
•Moose and Wolves
•Model 3: exponential growth (J shaped) vs logistic growth (S shaped)
–Isle Royale Readings
–Population Growth Review Worksheet

9/13: Isle Royale Questions

1.Describe your graph.

2.Explain the cause of changes in three different times.
3.What would you expect the wolf populations to look like next to the moose? Add a trendline on your graph for the wolves to show your thinking.
4.What could humans do to impact the moose populations?


Extinction Project
Step 1: Choose an organism that is either near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, or nearly extinct. Use “Red List Amazing”

Step 2: Research:

•common name and scientific name
•ecology: Where it lives, what it eats, who eats it
•Why is its status threatened/extinct in the wild?
•What can we do to help?

Step 3: Cite AT LEAST THREE sources. url is enough