Priorities for Monday, 1/22. 

1. Student forum information (freshmen).

2. Log in to and click on “2nd essay – argument” to see your scores and feedback.

3. Complete both sides of the reflection form (handwrite) and turn in to me.

4. Take the quick (4-7 question) survey about Be reflective and honest, please.

5. Ask me for the study guide/essay plan for the final. You will have the remaining time today and all the class time tomorrow to complete the essay plan. You may also work on it independently at home.

  • Day of the final:
    • Sophomores can use essay plan, articles, and any short responses you completed. Rough drafts cannot be used.
    • Freshmen can use your essay plan only (excerpts of The Odyssey will be provided for you on the final). Rough drafts cannot be used.
    • All electronics must be away on the day of the final (including headphones). This is important practice for the Smarter Balanced assessment, which does not allow students to listen to music. 


Priorities for Friday, 11.17

1. Complete the SRI Test

2. Complete any late work OR complete the following assignment for extra credit: 


 You have identified the following qualities of heroes:

Bravery, leadership, honor, caring about the lives of others, tenacity (means determined and persistent),fulfilling a need, responsible, fearless, generous, selfless, hardworking, powerful. 

Is Odysseus a timeless hero? Or was he a hero of a specific time and place? Based on what you have read so far in The Odyssey, argue whether or not Odysseus should be considered a hero by today’s standards. Write a paragraph response that includes a clear topic sentence, plenty of integrated evidence and explanation, and a concluding sentence to summarize your ideas.


Write a paragraph using the different sentence structures we have been practicing about a topic of your choice. 

 Write your topic at the top of your paper.

 Next, write a paragraph that uses each of the following 13 types of sentence structures. Label each sentence structure. There are examples below to help. You can also find descriptions of the sentence structures on the orange and purple class handouts. See me if you need these.

 1. Compound sentence - FANBOYS

Language arts is an important skill, so students must take this class every year.

2. Compound sentence – semicolon

It’s useful for writing cover letters; they help students get jobs.

3. Compound sentence – colon

It can also be frustrating: writing essays isn’t easy!

4. Compound sentence  - conjunctive adverb

Students also wish they could choose what they read; however, it’s really hard to have a discussion if everyone has read different stories.

5. Complex - adverb clause - subordinating conjunction first

If we all read the same story, we can share different opinions about it.

6. Complex - adverb clause - subordinating conjunction second

We have the best discussions when everyone has taken time to read the story carefully.

7. Complex - adjective clause

I remember a discussion that helped everyone think more deeply about a particular story.

8. Complex - noun clause

I recall that we were talking about people changing when they leave home.

9. Compound-complex sentence

After they leave home, people make new friends, and they gain new perspectives.

10. Past participle phrase

Educated by others, they may form new opinions.

11. Present participle phrase

Talking about this in class, students seemed more engaged than usual.

12. Gerund phrase

Connecting the story to our own lives seemed interesting.

13. Absolute phrase

Brains clicking, we were experiencing language arts at its best.