Being a Mentor

Our Robotics Team is always looking for new mentors.  Being a mentor is a way of sharing your knowledge and experience with students in way that has a positive impact on their lives. We think that you will find this to be a rewarding experience.  McLuen Goldy Holm.jpg

Our Mentors Fulfill the following roles on the team:

1.  Teach students skills, processes, and attributes that will help the students learn in ways that are helpful for them in career paths and future education.

2.  Initiate conversations with students about their interests and plans regarding career paths and future education.

3.  Encourage 'Gracious Professionalism' among students in the way that they interact with each other, mentors, parents, and the FIRST Robotics community.

4.  Encourage students to think creatively and logically while solving problems.

5.  During the Build Season, support the Project Managers and Sub-Team leads by:

    • helping them think through their design ideas and plans
    • helping them set a schedule with goals, deadlines, and responsibilities
    • helping them monitor their progress/success of design ideas and schedule
    • helping assure continuity of work when students "pass off" work from one student to another.

 What do you need to help with?

The robotics team is not just about building a robot.  The robotics team operates like a small engineering/manufacturing company, complete with our own business departments.  If you have background or interest in engineering, machining, programming, drafting, writing a business plan, accounting, public relations, graphic design, web design, or community outreach, we have students who would love to learn from you.


 What would I do as a mentor?

Mentors teach, guide, ask questions, and give advice to students.  However, our team is very proud to abide by a "hands-off" policy for our mentors.  Mentors don't design, build, program, wire the robot, or create content for our PR team. 


 How do I get involved?

If you are interested in helping out as a mentor, I recommend that you first start out by visiting our team practices.  You can meet other mentors and students on the team and get a feel for the way that our team practice run.  Please contact our head coach, Matt Randall ( ) to set-up a visit with the team.  You're welcome to help out as much or as little as works for your schedule.  We'd be happy to have you helping out.