Student Registration (STIMS)

To register to attend any FIRST Robotics event as a student, please follow the steps below:

1)  Go to the Student Team Information Management System

2)  Select "New Youth User"

3)  Enter your birthday and select the box indicating you are older than 13

4)  Fill in the information on the next slide and select "Save Account Information".  You need to know your parents email address to complete this step.  

5)  Check your email to verify your account information.

6)  Your parents will get an email.  They must create an account, log-in, and fill out the consent and release form.  

7)  After your parents have done this, you need to log back into STIMS and "apply to join" our team.  Our team number is 3588.  

8)  When this is completed, you can check with Mr. Randall (send him an email or ask in person) to see if you've successfully applied for the team.