Team History

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2015-2016 Team Year 6 (FIRST Stronghold) 2016 Robot "Tyler Sprockett" 
DSC_0031.JPG  Tyler the robot being tested (5).JPG


  • Team Spirit Award
Project Managers: Nahom Tikabo, Kaylee Pigott, Dominique Guadamuz
Design: Jamie Costales, Josie Martin, Matthew Lawson, Will Recla 
Electrical: Aleah Lucena, Shazmi Hipol
Fabrication: Brandon Headland
Programming: Karl Mazur
Public Relations: Mikaela Goodwin, Giovanna Lamberth-Sarabia
Drive Team: Brandon Headland, Sean Nguyen, Matthew Evetts, Kaylee Pigott
2014-2015 Team:  Year 5 (Recycle Rush) 2015 Robot: "Louis 16.0"
DSC_0203_2.JPG Louis 16.0.JPG


  • Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Hardhat Award
  • Chairman's Award
Project Managers: Miguel Mayorga, Jacqueline Martin, Benoney Puga, Kaylee Pigott
Design: Matthew Lawson, Cal, Jamie 
Electrical: Kenneth Valle, Myranda Dang
Fabrication: Dominique, Redale, Riley
Programming: Xander Graham
Public Relations: Mikaela Goodwin
Drive Team:  Miguel Mayorga, John (Robby) Williamson, Gabe, Ben
2013-2014 Team:  Year 4 (Aerial Assist) 2014 Robot: "Marshawn Winch"

CWU team pic.png

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  • Industrial Safety Award
  • Central Washington University Quality Award
  • Central Washington University District Event Winner
  • Qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 8 Manufacturing/Engineering Summer Internships
Project Management: Devon Simon, Elizabeth Holm, Benoney Puga
Design: Matthew Lawson, Erickson Quach
Electrical: Nathan Hatch, Myranda Dang, Ashley Pigott
Fabrication: Casi Goodman, John (Robby) Williamson, James Feller, Jacqueline Martin
Programming: Miguel Mayorga, Dominic Luu 
Public Relations: Katherine Quach, Kaylee Pigott
MVP: Miguel Mayorga
Drive Team: Devon Simon, Nick Fry, John (Robby) Williamson, Nathan Hatch
2012-2013 Team:  Year 3 (Ultimate Ascent) 2013 Robot:  "Serenity"
 Team Photo in PIT.JPG  2013 Robot.jpg

Lindbergh's 3rd season was the first time that the majority of the team consisted of returning members.  The team decided to try to complete the hardest aspects of this year's game, including the "30-point" climb.  Even though it turned out that this was not a successful strategy in this year's game (none of the team's in our Regional, and none of the team's that made the Einstein Field at Championship were able to successfully score frisbees and score a 30-point climb), this year learned a lot from going for it all.  The team placed 16 out of 50 teams at the Seattle Olympic Regional.   

This year's game was called "Ultimate Ascent."  The challenge included shooting frisbees through "goals" at either end of the field and climbing on a jungle-gym like pyramid at the center of the field.  Lindbergh's robot was able to score frisbees on the middle goal during both the autonomous and tele-operated periods and able to do a 10-point "climb" on the pyramid during the end game.   

The team showed a lot of persistence in getting a robot that was able to climb.  While there were aspects of the 30-point climbing system that worked, the team learned very late in the build season that many of the mounts for the climbing system were not strong enough to withstand the forces involved in climbing.  The team build a second robot during the end of the build season and after the build season ended that was able to successfully perform the 10-point climb.  This climbing mechanism was added onto the robot and was used successfully several times during the competition. 


  • 7 CAMPS Summer Internships
Project Management: Matt Wang, Maria Cornell,  and Liz Holm
Design: Ben Puga and Erickson Quach
Electrical: Myranda Dang and Jason Hennig
Fabrication: James Feller, Ashley Pigott
Programming: Miguel Mayorga and Dominic Luu
Public Relations: Casi Goodman
Co-MVPs: Miguel Mayorga and Devon Simon
 Drive Team: Nick Fry and Dre' Montgomery
2011-2012 Team:  Year 2 (Rebound Rumble)  2012 Robot: "Air Ball"
 2012 Team Photo.png  2012 Robot.png

Lindbergh's second season was felt like a re-building year from the start.  Because nearly all of the students from our previous year's team had been Seniors, this team was new all over again.  The team dediced to try to complete all three phases of this year's game, was successful in doing so, and placed 9th out of 50 teams at the Seattle Olympic Regional.  This team also won the "Team Spirit Award" (which was announced as the "Gracious Professionalism Award") at the Seattle Olympic Regional.   

This year's challenge was called "Rebound Rumble."  The challenge included picking up and shooting foam basketballs through hoops on either side of the playing field and getting the robot to balance on a teeter-totter "bridge" on the middle of the playing field.  Lindbergh's robot, "Air Ball" was able to successfully score basketballs during the autonomous period and during the tele-op period, and balance on the bridge on it's own, or to complete a double-balance with another robot. 

This was also the first year that Lindbergh's team build two robots.  The first robot was not able to drive up the bridge, so a new chassis was build after the build season with a new gear ratio.  The team switched out this chassis at the Seattle Regional with the new chassis, which made a huge difference.  Another highlight of this year's build season was the camera tracking software that the programming team wrote.  The robot had an array of LEDs that shined a light on the backboard of the basketball hoop.  The robot's camera would take in an image of a reflective material on the backboard and use it to allign the robot with the hoop.  This softwre wasn't used, in the end, because the movement of the chassis wasn't able to make adjustments small enough for the allignment to work.   


  • Team Spirit Award
  • 6 Red Dot Summer Internships
Project Management: Eli Tripi and Matt Wang
Design: Tyler Spears and Derek Goods
Electrical: Anthony Nguyen and Brian Nguyen
Fabrication: Nick Fry, Dre' Montgomery
Programming: Jason Hennig
Public Relations: Regina Fernandez and Divonte Hubbell
 MVP:  Miguel Mayorga
 Drive Team:  Liz Holm and Dre' Montgomery
2010-2011 Team:  Our Rookie Season (Logo-Motion)  2011 Robot:  "In Memory of Mr. Desmarais"
 2011 Team Photo.png  2011 Robot.png

Season Summary: 

This is the team that started it all for Lindbergh. This year was the culmination of three years of preparation for this group of Seniors.  Serena Wo started the Robotics club at the end of her Freshman year.  A group of about 12 students spent 2 years visiting other robotics teams (Tahoma and team XBOT), attending a FIRST Robotics Regional, and then finally joining FIRST Robotics this year.  The preparation paid off, the team sucessfully built a robot and won the "Rookie All-Star" award at the Seattle Olympic Regional, qualifying for the FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Loius. This was a team that will be remembered at Lindbergh for a long time.  

The game itself was called "Logo-Motion," the challenge was to build a robot that could pick up and place inner-tubes on pegs, and also build a "mini-bot" that could climb a steel pole. This year's team decided to take on the first part of the challenge and build a robot that could consistently pick up inner tubes from the ground and place them on the top hook. 

This was also the season that the team lost one of it's founding mentors, Gerry Desmarais. Gerry passed away while at work during the build season.  Gerry had a great heart for teaching and serving his community.  Gerry was a design engineer at Boeing and was instrumental in helping the team get started with FIRST Robotics.  Gerry is surely missed.  This year's robot was named in his memory. 


  • Rookie All-Star Award
  • Qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri

Project Management: Serena Wo and Joe Streifel

Design:  Elizar Mercado and Christian Phillips

Electrical: Josh Goodwin and Matt Wang
Fabrication: Patricia Garcia and Seann Padriga
Programming:  David Foulds
Public Relations:  Leena Hoang
Drive Team: David Foulds and Dre Montgomery