Visual Communications:

The class is project-based and our emphasis through the school year is applying the principles and elements of design to our projects.  Students can take the course as many times as they want.  I've had some students take my class all four years of high school.  They continued studing graphics in college and have found jobs in the graphics industry.

We are very lucky to have a great facility and equipment available for students to learn on.  Our classroom features a 32 seat computer lab, the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, (as well as open source software) a flash photography studio, screen printing equipment, sticker/banner making equipment, point-and-shoot digital cameras, SLR digital cameras, scanners, pen tablets, large format poster/banner printers, and much more!

Advanced classes are production based and we make, T-shirts, banners, plaques, posters, buttons, and signs for Lindbergh and the entire the school district.  

I truly enjoy what I teach and I am always inspired by what students have been able to learn and accomplish in my classes.

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 My Daily Schedule:

Period Class
1 Conference/Planning
2 Visual Communications 1
3 Visual Communications 1
4 Visual Communications 1
5 Visual Communications 1
6 Visual Communications 1


Student Examples:

We have some amazing work produced by students, there is no limit to what you can learn and create in class. Here are some examples of student work from the past couple years.






SkillsUSA is a student leadership orginazation that helps students with work related skills like job interviews.  We also teach you how to scren print shirts, sweaters, and hoodies for the school.  Additionally, we do community service and other fun activities. 

We meet twice a month on Tuesdays after school.

SkillsUSA dues are DUE! It is $16 and are payable in the main office.
You can join anytime!
Check out the national site, as well as our state site

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