Bienvenue à la classe de français! :) Madame Peterson est le prof de français à LHS
et je m'intéresse à vous enseigner cette belle langue!
Feel free to contact me about our French program at Lindbergh... we offer 4 levels including UW French 103 where the students can receive five college credits at one third the cost of tuition.  I also take students to France every other summer (on the even years). All the information for France July 2018 will be available in 2017.
Feel free to contact me at or 425-204-3255.
I have the following schedule
Period 1...French 3/4
Period 2...French 1/2
Period 3...French 1/2
Period 4...French UW 103
Period 5...French 3/4
Period 6...French 5/6
My planning period is after school since I am teaching all 6 French classes.
For ideas on extra practice check out the what's my 60 page...

Standards for Foreign Language Learning


Communicate in Languages

Other Than English

Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations,

provide and obtain information,

express feelings and emotions, and exchange


Standard 1.2: Students understand and

interpret written and spoken language on

a variety of topics.

Standard 1.3: Students present information,

concepts, and ideas to an audience of

listeners or readers on a variety of topics.


Gain Knowledge and

Understanding of Other Cultures

Standard 2.1: Students demonstrate an

understanding of the relationship between

the practices and perspectives of the culture


Standard 2.2: Students demonstrate an

understanding of the relationship between

the products and perspectives of the culture



Connect with Other Disciplines and

Acquire Information

Standard 3.1: Students reinforce and further

their knowledge of other disciplines

through the foreign language.

Standard 3.2: Students acquire information

and recognize the distinctive viewpoints

that are only available through the foreign

language and its cultures.


Develop Insight into the Nature of

Language and Culture

Standard 4.1: Students demonstrate understanding

of the nature of language through comparisons

of the language studied and their own.

Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding

of the concept of culture through comparisons

of the cultures studied and their own.


Participate in Multilingual Communities

at Home & Around the World

Standard 5.1: Students use the language

both within and beyond the school setting.

Standard 5.2: Students show evidence of

becoming life-long learners by using the

language for personal enjoyment and


I am also the advisor for  International Club that helps with cultural events every month and the Culture Night on March 24,2017.