Period 1 French 3/4
Period 2 French 1/2
Period 3 French 1/2
Period 4 French UW 103
Period 5 French 3/4
Period 6 French 5/6

 Check out the information under my documents for the Rotary Exchange....there is a ppt to view.  Applications and interviews due at the start of November.

French Camp for third and fourth year students is March 4, 2017...super fun time, mark your calendars.  I will be looking for parent drivers.

TRIP TO FRANCE July 2018...don't miss out.  See the link on my page in 2017...

First year...we will start the year with a preliminary unit on the alphabet, #, colors, dates, parts of the room.  As the year progresses we will cover topics such as school, sports, weather, family, likes, dislikes, Canada, food and Africa.  Most of the year is dedicated to the present tense but the final project incorporates the passé compose.

Second year -we will start with a review of first year.  After that we will resume the book in chapter 9, continue with our passe compose learning, and learn about the provinces of France, focusing on the south -la Provence.Chapter 10 is all about clothing and shopping...we will be doing a fashion show. Chapter 11 focused on the past tense and students presented trips.  Chapter 12 will finish off the first semester with a preposition dance and creation of a story in the past.Second semester starts with a review of descriptions.  We will be doing house videos in late February and cooking in late March.  We end the year with presentations on the future and fairy tales in the two past tenses, the passe compose and the imparfait.

Third year -for review we produce an autobiography which fits nicely into the culminating project.  We will start the year learning how to use a French-English dictionary and reading a simple short story by Alexandre Dumas, the author of the 3 Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo. In October/November we do a game design unit. December is the unit on the provinces.  January focuses on the subjunctive.  February is dedicated to les Miserables by Victor Hugo. March is focused on Art in the francophone world.  April and May will focus on Le Petit Prince and French speaking Africa.

UW Tuition to the UW  is due by the end of October, either by mail or phone.  Remember you get 5 UW college credits for 1/3 the cost of regular tuition so it is very worthwhile.  We do UW French 101 in September, October and 102 in November and December before starting the UW credit work in January.  This will give you a great reveiw and foundation for the course.