What should band be about? In the 2016-2017 school year, our band program--through each of us--will grow in new directions. It might not always be comfortable, but I hope it will always be constructive, and when we look back at the end of the year, we will remember lots of learning, great music, new friends and a lot of fun, too.

College provides fine opportunities to learn a lot of content, practice skills and techniques, and collaborate with people who have similar goals. But not everything in life is about college, right? It is life experience that teaches us to work with people whose goals may be opposite to ours, to work in difficult conditions, improvise for missing resources, and encourage each other to press forward when it's easier to quit--because prevailing together makes us better people and makes the world a better place. Everything that has ever helped me succeed had its seeds in my band experiences (and most other musicians would say something similar). This is an important aspect of learning that I strive to share at Lindbergh. 

Welcome, musicians! And kudos to all of you for participating in this new chapter in Lindbergh's legacy of solid work ethic, community relationships and commitment to excellence. We are working hand in hand with our Alumni, Boosters, our Cheer Squad and our ASB to promote and support our fellow students in following the Eagle Way, and in striving to be Better than Yesterday, Reaching for Tomorrow.

Deborah A. Kovach
Director of Bands

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